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Anglické slovníky CUP

Vydavateľstvo Cambridge University Press ponúka vo svojom portfóliu celú radu slovníkových titulov, ktoré Vám pomôžu ako pri štúdiu, tak pri profesionálnej práci s anglickým jazykom.


Cambridge Advanced Dictionary cover

Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

With clear definitions and over 140,000 words, phrases, meanings and examples, plus hundreds of pictures and illustrations, this dictionary is perfect as a reference tool and as a study companion.

Packed full of useful study extras, new edition includes hundreds of new words and has been specially designed to help learners become fluent speakers of English at an advanced level.

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Cambridge Learner Dictionary cover

Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary

The Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary is the best route to success in English. New edition is fully updated with new features to make learning English even easier.

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Cambridge Essential Dictionary cover

Cambridge Essential English Dictionary

With short definitions that are easy to understand, this edition of the Cambridge Essential English Dictionary contains more words than ever before. Carefully mapped to English Profile level bands to help students prioritise learning, it contains hundreds of short, natural example sentences that show exactly how the language is used in spoken and written English.

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Cambridge Primary Dictionary cover

Primary i-Dictionary

The Primary i-Dictionary CD-ROM is ideal for general English classes as well as exam preparation, and can be used with any coursebook or alone. With pictures and pronunciation in British and American English, the dictionary makes learning new vocabulary memorable and fun. Children can sing along with karaoke versions of animated songs.

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