Metodické semináre u Vás na škole

Máte záujem o metodický seminár? Máte otázky ohľadom titulov, doplnkov alebo potrebujete poradiť s výučbou angličtiny. Radi prídeme a zorganizujeme seminár priamo u Vás na škole. Seminár podľa Vášho výberu Vám príde odprezentovať naša skúsená lektorka. Kontaktuje nás na Táto e-mailová adresa je chránená pred spamovacími robotmi. Na jej zobrazenie potrebuješ mať nainštalovaný JavaScript. a dohodnite si metodický seminár u Vás na škole.

Ponuka seminárov:

Use It or Lose It (Teens)

Oh no, not another writing lesson! How many times has this crossed your mind when it came to teaching writing to your students preparing for the Maturita exam? Let’s have a look at how to make writing more attractive, lively and motivating together. In this practical workshop based on the New Maturita Activator, we’ll try some classroom activities that work like a charm to activate your students and allow for various and multiple exposure to exactly the kinds of phrases they need so that they use them again and again and finally… remember them for their exam. Because if you don’t use it, you lose it!

Ako urobiť hodinu anglického jazyka zaujímavejšou? (YL / Teens / Young Adults /Adults)

Aktívny študent, ktorý sa zapája do vyučovania, je pravdepodobne snom každého učiteľa.  Ako učiteľ môže premeniť tento sen na realitu? To je asi najťažšia otázka, ktorú si môže pedagóg položiť. Možností motivácie študentov je mnoho.Cieľom nášho seminára je predstaviť Vám pár nápadov, ako zaujať študentov, ktorí nie sú ochotní, resp. dostatočne motivovaní k práci na hodinách.

Essential Teaching Principles you (might) have forgotten (Teens)

Make your adolescent students learn the most while you as teachers do not waste your time, nor your energy – these are in my experience the very basic and very simplified principles that contribute to bilateral classroom satisfaction when both you and your learners leave the lessons feeling it was worth it. In this session we are going to look at useful techniques that promote vocabulary acquisition and its long-term retention, ideas how grammar explanation and practice can be made more meaningful and fun through engaging context and multiple media channels and finally share views, experience and tips on limiting your preparation time to minimum.

Speak, Talk, Communicate (YL / Teens / Young Adults /Adults)

Getting students to speak in class might be the most challenging task many teachers face.When it comes to speaking, students have usually nothing to say and pretend to be invisible. Hoping for a magic stick which would untie students tongue and boost their confidence is just wishful thinking of us, teachers. Though, a pinch of theory and a huge peck of practice is need so that students can gather their speaking experience. During the workshop, you will be introduced some tips and activities which will facilitate your preparation for speaking and conversational lessons.

Formative Assessment - Make your students more independent (YL / Teens / Young Adults /Adults)

This webinar examines the formative function of assessment—assessment for learning and the self-development of learners, which complements the basic summative function of assessment. This new trend in education puts emphases on self-check and the self-assessment of learners and helps them become independent and responsible for their process of learning. Learners become owners of their learning while teachers play the role of tutors and facilitators of learning, providing students with information and tools they need to master English language.

Don’t Forget to Stretch! (YL) 

Stretching is a very beneficial and healthy routine not only before and after your physical training but it may be also very beneficial and energy-saving routine for English teachers once you get used to in your classes. But don´t worry – you can stay sitting on your chairs as we will be talking about how to „stretch“, in other words extend and modify the exercises in the English course books with primary pupils. I am going to give you ideas how you can use other teaching aids and methods to extend the basic structure of individual course book activities so that you will get extra options for faster and brainier pupils or extra practice for those who need it. And finally you will be able to try these out personally!

Teacher-friendly Technologies (Teens)

„Why do I have to be an IT specialist to teach English? “ That´s what I often asked myself and no doubt many of you have thought the same. The answer is simple – because those popular photocopied handouts, vocabulary cards and blackboard diagrams are slowly being taken over by digital materials, which we cannot resist even if our subject is a foreign language. That´s why I´d like to introduce you to simple and teacher-friendly digital tools for lower secondary students and guide you through their „complex labyrinth“ that many of us might have tried to avoid initially. Let´s explore all their benefits and functions that are designed to simplify our professional life."

Teaching technical English (Teens / Young Adults /Adults)

What is the difference between a lathe and a milling centre, the Y axis and the rear axle, KPa and Nm? The world of technical English may seem too challenging for a regular general English teacher; however, if you adopt the right attitude it can also be interesting, fun and rewarding for both, the teacher and their students. Unlike many other courses, students of technical subjects have specific needs and if teachers manage to teach them technical English together with the basic general language structures and word stock, they provide the students with the language they can put into practice “the next day”. Then the students become highly motivated.

Business English - Teaching is not enough! (Teens / Young Adults /Adults)

When we get down to business, vocabulary and grammar, listening and speaking skills are essential but not enough. They must be combined with business skills such as participating in meetings, giving presentations or negotiations. Task-based learning and role play are effective techniques to ‘put it all together’. First and foremost, the teacher needs to set a task and create a safe environment for students to practise business skills in class and then provide genuine feedback on their performance.

Students studying abroad or how to prepare them for English certificates (Teens)

Recently many students have been going for their college or university studies abroad. Exchange programmes are also very popular. It is necessary for them to achieve certain level of English so they can successfully pass the English test or exam if they want to go study abroad. Certificates like TOEFL, FCE or IELTS are becoming very popular and necessary as well. Let´s look with us at the format of some of the popular tests and how to help your students to achieve their aspirations. This workshop will be helpful for teachers of colleges equipping their students for Maturita or some international testing and also for teachers of secondary schools who want to help  their students in their future development in English.



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