Metodické semináre u Vás na škole

Ventures Books organizuje pre učiteľov anglického jazyka metodické semináre na rôzne témy a to celkom zadarmo.

Pokiaľ sa Vám niektorý z uvedených seminárov páči a mali by ste záujem o jeho uskutočnenie priamo u Vás na škole alebo online, neváhajte nás kontaktovať a dohodnite sa priamo s našim skúseným lektorom na výbere seminára a ďalších vecí. 

Výber ponúkaných seminárov nájdete nižšie, alebo nás môžete kontaktovať na Táto e-mailová adresa je chránená pred spamovacími robotmi. Na jej zobrazenie potrebuješ mať nainštalovaný JavaScript.


Ponuka seminárov a webinárov Ventures Books pre rok 2021:


Možné vo forme seminára (prezenčne) i webinára (online)

Fun with Grammar

Target group: All Teachers

"Learning grammar does not only have to be about learning grammar rules, but it can also be a creative and entertaining activity. In the seminar I would like to give you some practical tips, ideas on how to teach students to communicate through grammar structures and consequently overcome the prejudices that the concept of grammar entails."



Reading is not a waste of time

Target group: All Teachers

"It is said that the book is our real and best friend. Unfortunately, students do not love reading very much. How can we motivate them to read books with desire and not only on command? This webinar will give you ideas and advice on how to help students to develop their reading interest. The webinar is designed for all teachers who would like to awaken reading pleasure in their pupils and students."



How to make English lessons more interesting

Target group: All Teachers

Students, who are willing to participate in the lessons and who are able to use critical thinking, are the dream of every teacher. How to turn that dream into a reality? How to motivate students? These are probably the most difficult questions a teacher can ask. The aim of our seminar is to present you with some ideas on how to make an English lesson more lively, more varied, more effective, so that students learn as much as possible.


Možné vo forme webinára (online)

Teaching Teenagers: “If Being a Teenager is Hard, Teaching Them is Harder?“

Target goup: Lower-Secondary School Teachers

If you have been assigned a group of teens, do not despair! Teens are as enjoyable as any other age group! An important aspect of teaching teenagers is getting their attention and keeping it. How? Let´s find out. In this seminar I´ll show you some practical tips how to make your classes enjoyable for you and your teens. 



Take advantage of Multiple Intelligences

Target group: Primary School Teachers

How smart are you? To most, that seems like an odd question. Everyone knows a person is either smart or not, right? If you are a believer in multiple intelligences, then you disagree with the idea that a person is either smart or not. The theory of multiple intelligences (MI) suggests that every person is talented in a certain way, which is also reflected in their learning style. The theory of MI can be used very well in the language teaching of primary school pupils. In this session I will show you practical examples of activities corresponding to different kinds of learning styles. The seminar is designed for primary school teachers. 



Growth Mindset

Target group: Secondary Teachers

"People are born with unique genetic structures, meaning they are initially better than others at different things. However, those with a growth mindset believe that one can always improve, catch up, or even surpass others’ natural talents.  This is where teachers play a crucial role in shaping a student’s confidence. In this session I would like to show you some practical ideas and activities to help students shift their mindset, take responsibility and build self-confidence."



Pronunciation: the Cinderella of ELT.

Target group: Secondary Teachers

"There is no doubt that pronunciation is one of the most challenging yet significant aspects of a language. It is often neglected and disconnected from the other areas of ELT, such as vocabulary, grammar etc., and that is why it is often referred to as ‘the Cinderella of ELT’. Teaching pronunciation might sometimes seem intimidating to both the teacher and the students, however, it can be enjoyable and very beneficial. In this session I’m going to give you practical tips on how to smoothly incorporate pronunciation practice into your English classes for lower-and upper-secondary students."



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